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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Reasons Why Girls Have Random Mood Swings During Period..

I feel like i want to drop something this time about how girls feel during our period time.. :) Because my boyfriend always says to me "you're having your period already? Ok, i must be really careful during this week.. Your mood is unstable and it is very dangerous for me to joke around and say something that will make you angry" It will always make me laugh but only for a while, cause i'll not be in the same mood a few seconds after that :p

And the reasons are:
  1. After sitting down for a while, you stand up and suddenly it feels like freaking Niagara falls.
  2. You want to hit everyone in the face with a shovel.
  3. You cry so much for random stupid reasons.
  4. You crave random crap, that you don't own.
  5. When someone corrects you, you feel like shoving a wii remote down there throats.
  6. When you lose at something, you scream "SCREW THIS" and walk away really angry.
  7. You fall asleep when you're not even that TIRED.
  8. You feel like you want to just stab yourself 600 times in 'that' area.
  9. You want to just shove a freaking towel up 'that' area.
  10. NO white pants that week.
  11. Remember that cute pair of undies you got? runied. for. life.
  12. Everybody is annoying, not matter WHAT they do, or say.
  13. When you DON'T get to go to the bathroom, because your teacher says "no" you want to scream in their face, and say "I'M ON MY FREAKING PERIOD OKAY?".
  14. Boys are 10x more annoying.
  15. Those stupid- pad/tampon commercials that have all those girls who are 'HAPPY' when they get their periods, make you annoyed.
  16. Chocolate and ice cream are your best friends.
  17. The cramps you get feel like your being punched in the stomach 8 times.
  18. When you think you're finally 'done' you take off the weapons of tampons/pads.....5 minutes later you check. Not done, not done at all!
  19. You don't care about anything BUT food.
  20. You wish you weren't a girl.
  21. When you wake up in the morning, and go to the bathroom, and your toilet looks like someone got murdered and butchered in it.                                                                

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