"Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Would You?

If you knew what your smile does to me,
Would you smile all the time?
If you knew what your texts do to me,
Would you text me every day?
If you knew what saying “Hi” to me does,
Would you say “Hi” all the time?
If you knew all these things,
You’d probably run the other way..
'Cause I’ll never be lucky enough
To have you by my side..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dogs ^_^

Even though i love cat, I also love dogs! When i returned to my hometown, i'm happy to see our dog is wagging their tails when they see me. It means that they still recognized me even though i'm rarely there due to my study place. People say that dogs have a very sensitive sense. Is that right? ^_^ Sometime, they scratch me when we play.. Hahahaha! But what i don't understand, there is some people like to eat dogs!!! And thats the facts!


The words of today is "Favoritism"
1. A display of partiality toward a favored person or group.
2. The state of being held in special favor.
I don't know why i'm so called to blurt out this word today. Maybe something went into my heart as this word keep running in my mind. For me, this kind of act doesn't have to be around us. Lately i got this kind of feeling inside me. It's not that i'm the one who practicing it but someone else did. I'm not going to describe it briefly. Overall, the 'Favoritism' thing is really-really-really annoyed me. I don't know why the person have to do that cause i'm so sure that the person know better rather than us.

Friday, September 9, 2011

'Rakyat Di Dahulukan' atau 'Duit Di Dahulukan'??

KUALA LUMPUR – Pembelian tambah nilai prabayar dan permulaan prabayar/pek SIM bagi semua syarikat telekomunikasi akan dikenakan cukai perkhidmatan sebanyak enam peratus, berkuat kuasa 15 Sept.
Pelanggan prabayar akan dimaklumkan melalui SMS bermula tengah hari ini mengenai cukai perkhidmatan itu, demikian menurut industri syarikat telekomunikasi Malaysia dalam kenyataan bersama di sini hari ini.
Para pelanggan juga boleh merujuk kepada laman web syarikat telekomunikasi masing-masing untuk maklumat atau menghubungi pusat perkhidmatan pelanggan sekiranya mereka mempunyai pertanyaan lanjut.
Syarikat telekomunikasi itu berkata cukai perkhidmatan merupakan cukai penggunaan dan boleh dikenakan kepada pelanggan sebagaimana yang disediakan dalam perundangan cukai perkhidmatan.
Akta Cukai Perkhidmatan 1975 memerlukan syarikat telekomunikasi mengenakan levi cukai perkhidmatan pada kadar tertentu terhadap perkhidmatan telekomunikasi, termasuk perkhidmatan prabayar mudah alih.
Ini sama seperti cukai perkhidmatan yang dilevi terhadap pembelian makanan dan minuman daripada restoran dan hotel.
Cukai perkhidmatan terhadap prabayar bukan baru kerana syarikat telekomunikasi telah menyerapnya bagi perkhidmatan prabayar mudah alih sejak pengenalan pada 1998.
Langkah yang diambil adalah bagi memastikan perkhidmatan prabayar mudah alih kekal kompetitif berbanding pasca bayar, memandangkan kadar prabayar tinggi bagi panggilan dan SMS pada permulaan.
Dengan kadar prabayar berkurangan sejak bertahun, ia kini ditawarkan pada kadar yang amat kompetitif.
“Dengan cukai perkhidmatan enam peratus terhadap perkhidmatan prabayar, seorang pelanggan yang membeli tambah nilai RM10 perlu membayar RM10.60, dengan
60 sen sebagai cukai perkhidmatan,” kata kenyataan itu. — BERNAMA

*copy paste from this link*
*lepas ni, apa lagi yang kena cukai aa?*

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chang er Moon Lady

      The ancient Chinese believed that the universe was divided into three
worlds: the heaven, the earth and hell. Heaven was a place of paradise and
presided over by the Jade Emperor. Immortals, good people and fairies
lived in heaven. Then you have earth on which ordinary people, like you
and I live. At the bottom of the scale was hell - to which people of evil,
criminals and sinners were condemned.

   Working as a lady-in-waiting in the palace of the Jade Emperor was a
beautiful young girl. One day, she accidentally broke a very valuable
procelain jar which she had been cleaning. She was summoned to appear
before the Jade Emperor who asked her to explain why and how she broke 
the jar. All she could say was that she broke it by accident. Unhappy with
her answer, the Jade Emperor banished her to earth and erased her memory
of life in heaven. However, the Jade Emperor promised that she could
return to live in Heaven again if she could contribute a great valuable
service for humanity on earth.

   She was assigned to be re-born in a family of a poor farmer by the
surname of Chang. She was named Er which meant graceful or elegant.
Chang Er grew up as an ordinary peasant girl like all other girls in
her village.

   One day, eighteen years later, a young hunter by the name of Hou Yi
went hunting in the hill near Chang Er's village. He was from another
village and an excellent marksman with the bow and arrow. While on his way
home he passed through Chang Er's village. He saw a beautiful girl
attending to the fowls in front of her house and was attracted immediately
to her beauty. She was none other than Chang Er.

  The next day, under the pretext of returning from hunting, Hou Yi
deliberately traversed the village again, hoping to see the beautiful
girl he had seen the day before. Chang Er was nowhere to be seen and Hou
Yi loitered in the village for a long time. When the subject of his
attention finally appeared, Hou Yi wasted no time in introducing himself
and a friendship was immediately struck up.

    Then, one day a very strange phenomena happened. Ten suns rose in the
east instead of one. The blazing suns beat down intensely upon earth.
Everything on earth became very hot and was drying up. Masses of people
died of dehydration and people were resigned to a certain death.

    Fortunately, Hou Yi had an idea on how to save the world. He went up
to a very high mountain and with his bow and arrows shot down nine suns.
The weather on earth gradually returned to normal. Hou Yi was hailed as
the hero by the people. In gratitude for saving their lives the people
elected him as their King. King Hou Yi married Chang Er and their life
together was blissful.
   Hou Yi realised that man was not immortal and, like his fellow beings,
he could not live forever. He became obssessed with the desire to seek
immortality and relied more and more on superstitions. He employed in
his palace many sorcerers whose jobs were to report to him the activities
of any itinerant fairy or immortal who travelled about around the country.

   There was a most prominent sorcerer whose reports were more reliable
than those of the rest. He told Hou Yi that he could make elixir of
longetivity by way of alchemy. For his process he needed many children
to be used as fuel. The process could only produce one elixir tablet and
no more. Hou Yi agreed and was willing to supply him with as many children
as he required. Chang Er was totally against the idea which she thought
to be cruel but, being the simple wife that she was, Hou Yi had his way.

   The sorcerer started on the project and Hou Yi ordered his army to
round up and bring to the palace all the children in the land they could
find. Families were grieving for their lost children and the people became
very angry. Hou Yi was less and less mindful of the welfare of his
subjects and his troops continued to plunder the land in search of more

   A month later and after many children had been sacrificed the tablet of
elixir was about to be finished. One night Chang Er stole into the
production chamber which was located at the top of the palace. She saw the
nearly finished product inside a big tube. Out of curiosity, she took
it out to have a closer look at it. Then the sorcerer suddenly came into
the chamber. Chang Er tried to hide the tablet but could not find a
place for it. So she put it into her mouth. The sorcerer demanded that she
returned the tablet and proceeded menacingly towards her. In terror she
accidently swallowed the tablet. The sorcerer raised the alarm and Hou Yi
rushed into the chamber. Chang Er was accused of swallowing the tablet.
Hou Yi was furious and demanded the return of the tablet. Chang Er became
very frightened when the two men chased her around the chamber.
Eventually she ran out of the chamber with the men in hot pursuit.
Reaching a dead end at the top of the palace and with no escape in
sight, Chang Er jumped out of an open window.

   Strangely, she did not fall to the ground but instead went floating up
into the sky. The elixir tablet had immortalised her and she became a
fairy. She kept floating skyward.  Hou Yi had the palace guards bring
him his bow and arrows. He launched a volley of arrows at Chang Er
but missed his target. Chang Er kept floating skywards until she
arrived on the moon.

   The Jade Emperor requested her to return to his palace. But Chang Er
refused and decided to live on the moon where she is still living.

   Chang Er is often depicted in a picture of a beautiful maiden
against the background of a full moon. The next time when you visit a
Chinese grocery or cake shop see if you can spot a picture of Chang Er.

*Here's some picture about the Moon Cake and the Moon Lady*

(The story captured my attention.. Now i know what is the meaning of the Mooncake Festival)

Green, Green and Green! ^_^

Aloha! Today's topic will be my favorite color. Well, most of my friends already know what is my favorite color.. GREEN!

I dont know since when i'd fall in love with the green color. No matter how hard i try to ignore it, i still stucked with the color. Coz, in my mind there's always have a space for the green color..

I love you, Green!

Because of my favorite color, some of my friend called me 'Katak' (frog). Hahaha.. Whatever la.. Since i already get used with the nickname, im ok with it.

Last time, when i was still in my secondary school, my big sister always teased me. She always say something bad and comparing my favorite color with any ugly thing. And at that time, i tried really hard to push the green away from me by loving the yellow one. But it didnt last for long and i still choosing the green T-shirt, green hairband, green watch, green shoes..... Until my mom say "later people will think that you didnt change your shirt.. always green kan?" Sometimes, she will said that she's getting bored with my 'greeny appearence' ^o^v 

Soon, when i already have my license and have my career, i really really really wish to have my own green color car.. Hahaha.. 

Some people say 'people who like green color will also love the green nature' Hmm, let me think first~..... Did i love green nature? Quite love maybe ^_^ But i do love the cat and dogs.. Hahaha!

How i wish someone will give me a bouquet of green roses! Coz i always dream to have it.. Wahhh~ Im really sure that it will look gorgeous to have a green roses even though the red roses is the most romantic one..

Last but not least, i really found myself inside my favorite color.. No matter how many nickname will be given to me, i still love the color by the way.. How was i look like if im living in a green world? Im sure i will dancing around and keep smiling with the color surrounding.. ^_^ but for sure, not turning into the 'Incredible Hulk' la.. Hehehe~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saya Bangga Saya Orang Sabah!!

Cakap jak pasal Sabah, mesti orang akan ingat Gunung Kinabalu.. kan? Hehehe.. Itu kalau orang yang fikirannya POSITIVE tentang Sabah.. Cuba kalau kamu cakap pasal Sabah sama orang yang ada fikiran NEGATIVE tentang Sabah. Kamu rasa apa yang dorang akan cakap?

Sabah tu mundur.. Orang Sabah masih tinggal atas pokok.. Orang Sabah masih pakai cawat.. Orang Sabah tinggal dalam hutan macam Tarzan.. Orang Sabah cakap macam Indon.. etc~ Bila dengar jak orang cakap macam tu, rasa macam mo tampar2 jak mulut dorang suma.. Tapi, macam apa yang Father d Church St.Francis of Asisi, Cheras cakap, "Ampunilah mereka2 yang cakap kita masih tinggal atas pokok.. Sebab dorang x tau apa yang dorang cakap" Coz Father tu orang Sabah juga.. Memang sudah menjadi kebiasaan orang Semenanjung akan cakap begitu. So, day by day, kami yang menjadi perantau d tempat orang ni pun sudah biasa kalau kena cakap macam tu. Berbeza dengan masa kami mula2 datang d Semenanjung untuk study dulu. Hehehe! Macam peribahasa yang kita selalu dengar masa belajar Bahasa Melayu d sekolah, "Hujan emas d negeri orang, hujan batu d negeri sendiri.. Baik lagi d negeri sendiri" Bagi sya, se-hutan2 mana pun Sabah tu, se-buruk mana pun Sabah tu, Sabah tetap adalah negeri yang terbaik kalau mau d bandingkan sama Semenanjung.. Dulu sya pernah tbaca artikel yang kena post2 dalam Facebook yang btajuk '1Malaysia Wujud Di Sabah'.. bukan sya mau buruk2kan Semenanjung la tapi memang itulah hakikatnya.

Tapi bukan semua orang Semenanjung akan cakap NEGATIVE tentang Sabah ^_^.. Coz some of them, already go to Sabah and their view for Sabah is always POSITIVE. Believe it or not, they will say that "perempuan d Sabah semua cantik2.. putih2".. "Sabah got many beautiful places".. "orang Sabah sangat baik"... Siapa cakap Sabah x cantik? Hanya orang yang buta saja akan hina Sabah (buta mata dan buta hati)

So, wherever we are please always be PROUD with our Sabah. Bcoz, if not us who will protect and stand for our own state soon? Plus, there's no place in the world got Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, Manukan Island, Kinabalu Mount and etc.. Berbangga lah kamu2 yang originally come from Sabah sebab..

Friday, September 2, 2011

I Will Sing.. I Will Praise..

O Lord Jesus..
Forgive my sins..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mazmur? Yup! Mazmur..

Psalm 95

Minggu ni turn sya jadi pemazmur.. Omg! X pernah pula terlintas di fikiran sya yang sya akan jadi salah seorang yang akan naik p Altar dan jadi pemazmur.. Dup dap dup dap! Itulah bunyi jantung sya bila ingat turn sya yang akan sampai x lama lagi.. Takut ow.. Sangat! (-_-)" Mazmur sya adalah Mazmur ke-95.. FYI, mazmur ni adalah mazmur yg 1st terlekat dalam fikiran sya sejak beberapa tahun dulu.. Maybe God is telling me something from this Psalm.. Nah, sya kasi share mazmur sya d sini..

Mazmur 95

Singkirkanlah penghalang sabdaMu,
Cairkanlah hatiku yang beku,
Dan bimbinglah kami di jalanMu.

1.    Marilah kita bernyanyi-nyanyi bagi Tuhan
       Bersorak-sorai bagi gunung batu keselamatan kita.
       Biarlah kita memandang wajahNya dengan lagu syukur,
       Bersorak-sorai bagiNya dengan nyanyian mazmur.

Singkirkanlah penghalang sabdaMu,
Cairkanlah hatiku yang beku,
Dan bimbinglah kami di jalanMu.

2.    Masuklah, marilah kita sujud menyembah,
       Berlutut di hadapan Tuhan yang menjadikan kita.
       Sebab Dialah Allah kita,
       Kita ini umat gembalaanNya serta kawanan dombaNya.

Singkirkanlah penghalang sabdaMu,
Cairkanlah hatiku yang beku,
Dan bimbinglah kami di jalanMu.

3.    Pada hari ini, kalau kamu mendengar suaraNya,
       Janganlah bertegar hati seperti di Meriba
       Seperti waktu berada di Masa di padang gurun,
       Ketika nenek moyangmu mencobai dan menguji Aku,
       Padahal mereka melihat perbuatanKu.

Singkirkanlah penghalang sabdaMu,
Cairkanlah hatiku yang beku,
Dan bimbinglah kami di jalanMu.

Hope i can deliver the Psalm very smooth and clear.. But most of all, i'm happy coz i'm singing de Psalm for my God The Almighty.. Amen~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Believe It, Sakura!

Hi, morning2! Sekarang ni tengah menunggu class jam 10am.. Class untuk subjek Genetics & Cellular Biology *i dont like the subject.. huhu* Hm, actually i feel happy coz x sangka la pula tym2 Degree ni kami still can write the answer in the 'point form'.. Hihi.. Thanks la to the Lecturer, Dr Preeti (not Pretty Zinta, ok).. Kurang juga beban siiiiiikit.. ^.^v Sa ceta dulu la pasal ni Lecturer.. C Ronald (kawan sya) selalu ketawa kalau dia mengajar kami.. Macam2 bayangan dia ni.. Sampai sya pun x buli concentrate dalam class.. Mentang2 la tu Lecturer dari India, buli2 c Ronald suru kami bayangkan macamana kalau tu Lecturer menyanyi lagu Kuch Kuch Hota Hei.. Adehhh.. Hahahaha.. Lagipun tone suara tu Lecturer pandai high and low bah.. Lucu ni.. Tapi yang best kalau dia mengajar kan, class yang sepatutnya habis dalam 2jam kena kasi habis dalam masa x sampai 1jam.. Whoaa! hebat kan Lecturer kami.. Tips pun dia bagi.. Tapi boring la dalam class dia.. Sunyi senyap ni.. Mengantuks betul! Whatever it is, memang untung la juga dapat dia untuk semester ni..


Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Will Concentrate On Taking One Step Forward No Matter How Small It Is..

Lama suda pula sya x update blog.. Huhu.. tapi x pa bah.. start from today maybe i will owez drop by suda di sini.. Well, i'm done already with my Diploma on May recently (yeahh!) and now im starting my Degree course pula.. Kalau dulu i'm taking Diploma in Medical Lab Technology but now i'm taking Bachelor in Biomedicine Science.. Kalau dulu i'm studying about how to do test in certain2 disease and now i'm studying about how the disease occur. Kali ni subjek sya quite tough and of course i have to put more effort into it.. No more Diploma habit~ hehe.. Actually sya pun x pernah terfikir mau continue study. And i dont know y i'm choosing to further my study. But what i'm really sure is, most of my high school friend already have their Degree so i must have my own Degree also. Ow ya, i'm taking my Degree in the same college also, Masterskill. This time i'm joining the Masterskill choir's club even though my voice isn't nice like my friend, Nakamichie.. Hentam saja la Labu~

Hostel sya pun makin dekat dengan kolej.. Senang la mau p class coz x paya lagi mau tunggu bas macam dulu time Diploma.. 30min before start class baru sya turun. Tapi yang x best dia, during weekend cannot go anywhere.. No bus and no shopping complex. Whoaa! Macam mau gila saja ow.. Tapi bila fikir betul2, kira ok juga la coz kalau la hostel sya skrang dekat sama shopping complex macam dulu konpom duit belanja cepat habis.. Membeli saja ni.. By the way, i'm still active with my Catholic Student Association coz that club is the most important club for me. Without the club i'm lost. Bukan sesat apa, tapi sesat iman. Biasa la kalau d bandar KL.. Jauh lagi dari family, banyak betul godaan2 yang cuba mau menyesatkan kita dan membuatkan kita lupa tujuan asal kita datang p sini, untuk belajar.. Kan3?

Bila sya chat sama best friend sya (during high school) baru2 ni, sya tiba2 tsedar. God is telling me that He is preparing a new way for me. Dulu sya langsung x tfikir yang sya akan dapat capai cita2 sya coz result SPM x berapa ok. And now there's a new way for me to achieve my ambition even though the journey is quite long. So, i will do my best to achieve my goal! Bah, i think that's it for now.. Adios! ◕‿-


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year, everybodyyy!

Due to the Lion Dance in front of the church this morning, i feel like i want to drop something over here. As i realize, i'd been captured and mesmerized by the beautifulness and cuteness (did i use the right word cause i cant describe how cute the Lion by the other word! Hahaha!) of the Lion Dance costume. I really really really really really (so many really words, huh?!) LOVE the way it being danced plus with the blinking of their eyes! OMG! Am i falling in love with the Lion?? This is not the 1st time i'd seen the Lion dance actually but when i see it, i'd become very excited as if that is the 1st time i saw the Chinese traditions! How crazy i am, right? Hehe ^_^" I'd been searching the history of the Lion Dance and here it is. By the way there are few history that i found and i only paste 1 of the story here. Though there are many but it seems similar to each other ◕‿◕ 

The History Of Lion Dance
The lion dance is an important tradition in Asia, especially in China. Lion dancing experts with the National Freestyle Championship Series say the Chinese people regard the lion as a symbol of bravery and peace, and the loud banging music and firecrackers are meant to scare away evil. The lion dance is believed to bring good luck and happiness. The lion dance is performed during festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year, weddings and grand openings of business. According to the National Freestyle Championship Series, lions were introduced into China when Persia began trading with China nearly 2,000 years ago. At that time, the ambassador from Persia sent lions and other animals to the emperor of China as a gift. After the introduction, there are several different stories about the origin of the lion dance.

The Goddess

  • The New World Encyclopedia says the lion dance originated in China sometime during the Tang Dynasty, between 618 to 907. According to the encyclopedia, in this version, there was a lion in heaven that was curious, playful and often caused mischief. According to this story, the Jade Emperor was annoyed, had the lion's head chopped off and threw the remains down to Earth. Fortunately, the goddess of mercy saw what happened. According to the story, she went to Earth and tied the lion's head back onto his body with an enchanted red ribbon---which she said would protect the lion and frighten away evil spirits.

  • The Emperor's Dream

  • Another popular story about the history of the lion dance is that it originated from an emperor's dream. The Ling Nam Siu Lum Kung Fu Academy on Long Island says around 700 A.D., the emperor had a dream in which he was saved by a mysterious creature. He was told that the creature resembled a Western lion. After that, the lion became a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

  • The Monk

  • The Lieu Quan Lion Dance Team in Washington tells another story about the history of the lion dance. In this one, every day at noon, a lion would come down from the mountains to terrorize the people of a small village. The people of the village called a high-ranked monk to help them. He told them to get pots, pans and kettles to make noise and scare the lion the next time he came down. It worked. Then, as the lion ran away from the noise, the monk followed it back up the mountain to train it. A week later, the monk said he tamed the mountain with his magical fan and that the lion would only come down during the new year, to scare away evil spirits and bring joy, happiness and prosperity.

  • The Protector

  • In addition, there are many variations of a story that has the lion as a protector. The New World Encyclopedia says some of the stories tell of cases where the lion saved people from danger. Others tell of people dressing up like a lion to scare away a ferocious creature, or of a lion defeating an enemy king.

  • Enjoy the video of the Lion Dance performance and make sure you look at the Lion's adoring eyes ^_^"